If you are engaged in metal, construction engineering, concrete pavement and other related work, I believe you must have heard, seen or even come into contact with shot blasting technology. In fact, shot blasting technology is inseparable from various jobs in different industries and plays a huge role. So, do you know that in addition to performing well in your industry, shot blasting technology also shines in the following industries.


The waterproofing of structural bases in the construction industry has always been a very serious problem. Shot blasting technology can realize the process of densely attaching waterproofing systems to reinforced concrete structures, avoiding hidden dangers such as insecure bonding between waterproofing materials and structural surfaces. In addition, it also plays a huge role in the challenge of building restoration.


Almost all steel castings and iron castings must be shot blasted in the foundry industry. This can not only clean up impurities on the surface of castings, but also carry out quality inspection on finished castings and screen out unqualified products.


The steel plates used in shipyards are soaked in water and oxidized to rust after being exposed to the air. Rusty steel plates have a great impact on shipbuilding. However, the manual derusting project is large and the workload is large, so it is impossible to use manual derusting. Therefore, shot blasting machines come in handy to ensure the quality of shipbuilding.


Shot blasting rough surface technology fills the vacancy of stone rough surface processing, provides a new attempt for the application of stone, and provides a new aspect of stone facing materials for architectural designers. Therefore, shot blasting technology also has an unshakable position in the stone industry.


Shot blasting machines is widely used in the automotive industry. Whether it is automotive steel plates or some scattered accessories, there is a certain degree of strength and shape requirements. The shot blasting technology can remove burrs, diaphragms and rust, etc., not only for large areas, but also for local removal of surface pollutants. At the same time, it provides a surface profile that increases the adhesion of the coating to achieve the purpose of strengthening the workpiece.


Just like stone veneering, the mold industry also has certain requirements for the shape of mold castings, which usually need to be smooth and flat. The shot blasting technology can choose different steel shots for polishing according to different requirements, without damaging the original shape and performance of the mold.


Yes, the electronics industry is also inseparable from shot blasting technology. Many electronic parts need to be processed by shot blasting machines. Such as the removal of impurities on the surface of silicon chips after diffusion, the etching process of sandblasting silicon chips into small round crystal grains, the spraying of overflowing glue and burrs, the removal of printed characters on the surface of finished products, the cleaning of ceramic electric heating materials, etc.


Shot blasting is also common in the processing of strengthened plate and non-plate parts to improve fatigue resistance. It is also often used for runway clearing, and was first used on aircraft carriers to rehabilitate the ground to new pavement standards. In addition, shot blasting technology can also process and process the surface of components with nanotechnology.


Just like the construction industry, shot blasting technology is very good at waterproofing. At present, it is often used in the bridge deck pavement layer of bridges. The bridge deck pavement concrete and waterproof layer have a good combination through shot blasting technology.

Choose the right shot blasting machine

According to the requirements of different fields and industries, it is also necessary to choose reasonable and suitable shot blasting machines. It’s best to consult relevant manufacturers. Dingtai is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of shot blasting machines, they will customize the best shot blasting solutions and machines for you.