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Roller conveyor shot blasting

The Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine is a heavy-duty abrator designed for use with metal and coil materials. Weighing in at 10,000kg, this machine is built to handle tough industrial cleaning applications, including burnishing, deflashing, and rust removal. With an abrasive flow rate ranging from 4*180kg/min to 6*250 kg/min, it delivers powerful cleaning capabilities at a range of speeds.

Versatile Industrial Cleaning with Roller Conveyor Type Shot Blasting Machine

The roller conveyor type shot blasting machine features an effective cleaning width of 800mm to 2000mm. It's a versatile tool for a wide range of industrials applications. Its blasting chamber has an inlet size of 1000mm, providing ample space for cleaning large and bulky items.

Efficient and Reliable Surface Preparation with Industrial Cleaning Machine

This machine is ideal for use in manufacturing and industrial settings where large-scale cleaning and surface preparation is required. Its rugged construction and customizable settings make it a reliable and efficient tool for any business looking to improve their cleaning processes.

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