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Shot Blasting Machines

Shot blasting machines are heavy duty surface preparation solution. It's an enclosed equipment that propel steel abrasive at high velocity to remove coatings, stripe rust or eliminate dirt on metal surfaces.

Widely use in forging or construction industry, shot blasting machines can remove rust as well as enhance paint and coating adhesion on metal parts.

  • How shot blasting machines work ?

    Blasting machine use high-speed turbines to propel abrasive media to the surface of the workpiece.

  • Which abrasive media is suitable to be used with a shotblasting machine?

    Depends on the application you require it for. Some of the abrasive media that can be used with these machines include steel shots, garnet steel shot, aluminum shot as well as stainless steel shot.

  • What are the differences between one machine and another?

    Different types of machines for different applications. Although the mechanism remains the same, the shot blasting chamber can come in different sizes, and the loading area can also vary. If you want to remove rust from a long metal pipe, you are likely to opt for a shot blasting belt conveyor or a roller conveyor machine. If you need to clean aluminum wheels, you may prefer using a hoist type, table, or crawler shot blasting machine. These machines allow for easy loading of materials into the chamber.

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    Shot blasting machine equipment is widely used in various industries for surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing applications.

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