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Table shot blasting

The Table Shot Blasting Machine, also know as turntable shot blasting machine is a highly efficient equipment designed for cleaning and preparing various types of workpieces for surface finishing.

With a roller load capacity ranging from 500 kg/min to 1500 kg/min, the machine can accommodate workpieces of various sizes and weights, making it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

Thorough and Safe Cleaning with Table Shot Blasting Machine: Roller Speed and Dust Air Volume Features

The Table Shot Blasting Machine features a roller speed of 0.4-4 (m/min), which ensures that workpieces are evenly and thoroughly cleaned. The machine is also equipped with a powerful dust air volume ranging from 12000 (m/h) to 24000(m/h), which helps to keep the work environment clean and free of debris.

Efficient and Thorough Cleaning with Table Shot Blasting Machine's Steel Shot Circulation System

For effective cleaning, the Table Shot Blasting Machine utilizes a steel shot circulation system with a capacity of 50(T/h) to 150(T/h). This ensures that the workpieces are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently, leaving them free of rust, scale, and other contaminants.

Versatile Cleaning Capability: Table Shot Blasting Machine's Blast Chamber Design

The machine's blast chamber is designed to accommodate workpieces with a size range of 800*800(mm) to 1500*2500(mm) and a length range of 3000-12000(mm). This makes it suitable for cleaning a wide range of industrial parts, including steel structures, welded parts, castings, and forgings.

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