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Hoist shot blasting

Hoist Shot Blasting Machine is a powerful surface preparation equipment. Ideal for removing thin surface deposits on large workpiece. It can clean material size from 600*1100mm to 2000*3000mm. This type of shot blasting machine is equipped with a hoist system that can move the workpieces through the cleaning process.

Machine's Features

The Hoist Type Machine is designed with a variable air flow pressure to control the high-speed blast wheel (2800m³/h to 20000m³/h). Make it allows precise control to prepare surfaces. The machine has a total power output ranging from 22 kW to 81 kW to provide powerful cleaning performance.

Hoist As a Loading Method

Some of the surfaces need to be cleaned can’t be load to the machine by traditional conveyor method like rubber belt or wire mesh belt. As example, strip rust from alloy wheel by using a hoist shot blasting machine will allowed the machine to remove rust at once by projecting blast media from 360 degree.

Efficient for High-Capacity Operations

The lifting capacity of this blasting machine ranges from 25 tons to 60 tons, depending on the model. The Hoist Shot Blasting Machine can delivers 200 to 250 kg/min blast media, without waste of abrasive media. The Steel Shots is collected into the blast collector and recycled by the machine to be reuse.

This machine can be customized as double hoist shot blasting machine for heavy duty needs. Contact us if you want to get more information about it.

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