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Road shot blasting

The Road Shot Blasting Machine is a versatile and durable abrator designed to clean and prepare a wide range of materials including concrete, steel, and stone. With a weight of 1200kg, this machine is sturdy and reliable, and can operate in a variety of settings. The working width of the machine ranges from 270mm to 850mm, making it an ideal solution for both small and large surface areas.

Efficient and User-Friendly Road Surface Shot Blasting Machine

The road surface shot blasting machine is powered by wheels with a power range of 11kw to 2*15kw. This provides the machine with the necessary power to effectively remove dirt, debris, and unwanted coatings from the surface of materials. The machine is easy to operate and can be adjusted to suit different surface types and levels of cleaning required.

Clean and Safe Work Environment with Effective Dust Collectors

To ensure a clean and safe working environment, an appropriate dust collector is included with the machine. The dust collector effectively captures and removes dust and debris generated during the cleaning process, preventing it from contaminating the surrounding area. The Road Shot Blasting Machine is an essential tool for any construction or renovation project where a clean and prepared surface is required.

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