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Crawler shot blasting

The Crawler Shot Blasting Machine is a high-performance surface preparation equipment using crawler conveyor as a loading method. With a total power ranging from 6 kW to 26 kW, this machine boasts a blasting capacity of 40 kg/min to 250 kg/min and a productivity range of 0.3-0.6 t/h to 2.0-2.8 t/h.

About this Machine

With a blast propulsion velocity of 2000 m³/h to 3500m³/h, the crawler shot blasting offers excellent results on removing rust or increasing coatings adhesion for surfaces. Steel shots or Aluminum Shot as well as Zinc shot can be use as abrasive media.

Crawler Conveyor as a Loading Method

The machine is equipped with a crawler conveyor system that ensures uniform cleaning of the metal loaded. The crawler shot blasting equipment is suitable for cleaning workpieces with a maximum weight of 5 kg to 25 kg. Overall, the Crawler Shot Blasting Machine is a flexible and efficient solution for surface preparation needs.

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