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Rubber belt shot blasting

The Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine is a high-performance Abrator machine designed for cleaning and surface preparation of stone and bricks. With its advanced features and robust construction, this machine is ideal for burnishing, container and bottle cleaning, deflashing, and degreasing. It has a weight of 10000kg, making it a sturdy and reliable machine for heavy-duty industrial use.

Customizable and Precise Cleaning with Rubber Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

The rubber crawler shot blasting machine features a variable speed rubber belt that moves the workpieces through the cleaning chamber at a speed of 0.5-6m/min. This allows for precise control and customization of the cleaning process to meet the specific requirements of each application. The machine is equipped with 2-4 high-performance blast wheels, with power ranging from 2*7.5 to 2*11/15, providing high levels of cleaning efficiency and productivity.

Clean and Safe Operations with Highly Efficient Dust Collection System

The machine also features a highly efficient dust collection system, with a capacity ranging from 7000 to 16000m³/h. This ensures that the machine operates in a clean and safe environment, with minimal airborne dust and debris. The dust collector is designed with advanced filtration technology to remove even the smallest particles, ensuring optimal cleaning results.

Overall, the Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine is an advanced and efficient machine that is perfect for a wide range of stone and brick cleaning applications.The Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine is an efficient machine to use. It has advanced features, such as a rubber belt that provides gentler cleaning. Additionally, it has a water pressure pump.

Efficient Shot Blasting with Quick Lubrication System

The lubrication system is suitable for most types of surfaces and ensures that the shot blasting process is done quickly, efficiently and smoothly. This allows for a quicker turnaround time in comparison to shot blasting machines that do not have this type of feature. The Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine has a high-performance blower with a velocity of up to 3000 ft/min. This allows for superior performance compared to traditional shot blasters, even at higher pressures.

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