Our company has a long history of automatic recovery and circulation without shutdown when adding steel shot. Even though the cost is limited, in the process of making the shot blasting machine scheme, although the price seriously affects the equipment configuration, our company adheres to the bottom limit to ensure the quality.

Speaking of the production and manufacturing of shot blasting machine, we need professional welding and cutting equipment and pressure vessels, and go through multiple processes such as inspection and commissioning by quality inspectors to ensure the safety of shot blasting machine. In the process of use and installation, our company has always provided online technical support.

Shot blasting machine is a casting equipment for cleaning or strengthening the surface of castings. Its working principle is to use the force of high-pressure gas to spray steel shot onto the surface of castings at high speed, and use the impact force of steel shot to remove the rust on the surface of castings and the sand sticking on the surface of castings.

It can also carry out sand dropping, core removal and cleaning of castings at the same time. Compared with other surface treatment technologies, it is faster and more effective, and can be used for the casting process after partial retention or stamping. If the steel shot can not be recycled and recycled, it will cause a waste of resources.

How is the steel shot automatically recycled when the shot blasting machine is working?

The shot blasting device shoots the abrasive steel shot onto the workpiece surface. The abrasive steel shot passes through the funnel grid of the cleaning room, enters the steel shot abrasive recovery device (the combination of longitudinal conveying and transverse conveying), and then is lifted to the separator through the bucket elevator.

At this point, the good steel shot abrasive will continue to enter the silo, and the unusable will enter the sedimentation tank.

What are the main reasons for steel shot consumption? How can the used steel shot be recycled to reduce the cost?

Steel shot is used as the surface material of shot blasting machine, so it has a large utilization and consumption, but many friends want to know what is the main reason affecting the consumption of steel shot?

We summarize from the following points:

1. The adjustment of shot blaster and other equipment and the different shot angle of steel shot affect the consumption rate of steel shot to varying degrees. The faster the shot blasting speed, the greater the consumption of steel shot.

The inner wall of the shot blasting machine is not repaired in time after damage, the mud core bone in the inner cavity of the axle housing is not extracted in time before shot blasting, the shot blasting process time is long, the track at the top of the shot blasting is not sealed Scattered steel shot is not recycled in time, which can affect the utilization efficiency of steel shot.

2. Surface roughness of the material to be cleaned. The higher the roughness, the greater the consumption of steel shot.

3. The amount of sand sticking or rust grade on the surface of the workpiece to be treated.

4. Workpiece hardness the cleanliness level of the workpiece being cleaned.

5. Arc height requirements of strengthened work.

Steel shot is a commonly used wear-resistant material, which can be recycled,

After the steel shot is used, many manufacturers put it aside because the sand is broken or the mortar is difficult to deal with. Some directly dump the garbage, and a lot of resources are wasted. In fact, the value of steel shot after use is also quite high, but it is a little troublesome to deal with.

The sand after sand blasting and polishing with a single steel shot as raw material can be sold back to the manufacturer. After screening and crushing, the manufacturer can obtain small particle size sand. It can also be sold to mechanical counterweight enterprises as counterweight materials or to chemical companies with mortar mixture as raw material.

The recycling of steel shot not only reduces the pollution to the environment, but also protects resources, increases the benefits of enterprises and improves the use value of steel shot itself.

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