There are many types of shot blasting machines in the market, so in order to better meet the needs of our consumers, stimulate the fierce competition among shot blasting machine enterprise products, and let more consumers experience more high-quality products, first-class services and people-friendly prices in the process of competition, how can we choose more first-class shot blasting machine products among many products?

Purpose: we must proceed from our actual situation

There are many fields in which shot blasting machines are applied in our life, such as ships, high-speed railway construction, chemical machinery and many other fields. However, due to the particularity of these fields, we must also carry out work in the selection, and select more appropriate products from the use performance, outstanding characteristics, working principle and other aspects of shot blasting machines.

Firstly, the working mode of shot blasting machine shall be selected: drum shot blasting machine, crawler shot blasting machine, hook shot blasting machine (also divided into single hook shot blasting machine and double hook shot blasting machine), trolley shot blasting machine, through shot blasting machine and suspended through shot blasting machine.

Then, after the working mode of the shot blasting machine is selected, the shot blasting machine can be purchased according to the product material, working requirements (deburring or descaling, beautification of parts, fear of collision), part variety (maximum part size and single piece weight, minimum part size and single piece weight, size and weight of main products).

Shot blasting machine has become the mainstream shot blasting equipment. More and more manufacturers have applied shot blasting machine in production.

How to select shot blasting equipment and buy equipment suitable for themselves depends on the size of their workpieces, whether they are afraid of collision, how much weight and thickness, and the time to clean workpieces in a day.

These are all the details that need to be paid attention to when buying shot blasting machine, For example, the hook type shot blasting machine can clean small workpieces and large castings. It is also suitable for some workpieces that are afraid of collision.

The main factors determining the quality of shot blasting machine are:

Therefore, if you want to know more information on how to select the shot blasting machine model, please feel free to contact us.