Recently you want to purchase equipment for cleaning metal surfaces for large-scale machinery, but do not know which is more suitable for your industry? Do you know that shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine are not the same machine? Choosing the wrong device can damage your machine! In order to find a more suitable equipment, let us understand the difference between shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine.

Different abrasives

The material used by the shot blasting machine is projectile, which is generally spherical particles without edges and corners, such as cast steel shot, steel wire shot, grinding shot, etc. And the material used by the sandblasting machine is sand which refers to angular sand grains, such as river sand, quartz sand, silicon carbide sand and so on.

Different working principles

The shot blasting machine uses the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to throw the abrasive onto the metal surface, removes the oxide layer on the metal surface under high-speed impact. And the sandblasting machine uses compressed air as the power to spray abrasives to the metal surface at high speed to achieve the purpose of cleaning the metal surface.

Different operation

Because of their working principle – strong abrasives impact the metal surface at high speed, shot blasting machines are mostly automatic or semi-automatic machines. And sandblasting machines are usually operated by relevant personnel because they are mostly used to process precision or complex parts.

Different uses

The main functions of sandblasting machine are to remove metal surface rust, molten salt heat, old coating, oxide scale, etc. However, the function of the shot blasting machine is relatively more. On the basis of the main functions of the sand blasting machine, the shot blasting machine can also improve the roughness of the metal surface, remove the burrs of the parts, reduce the deformation of the parts, and improve the wear resistance and pressure capacity of the parts surface.

Different processing uses

Because of the fineness of the abrasive they use, sandblasting machines are often used to process components that require a more delicate process. Under the impact of fine-grained abrasives, the surface of the part becomes smoother. Therefore, sandblasting machines are more suitable for processing mild or organic materials than shot blasting machines. The projectile texture of the shot blasting machine is hard and fast. With the support of the automatic wheel system, it is often used to deal with parts that require rapid processing and strong wear, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly peeling off the surface of foreign objects such as rust.

Choosing the right shot blasting machine or sand blasting machine is not an easy task. Do you think that knowing the difference between a shot blasting machine and a sand blasting machine can buy the right machine? No, no, industries such as foundry, automobile, shipbuilding, construction, etc. that use large and heavy equipment should be more careful in the choice of dust removal machines and shot blasting machines. After all, the slightest mistake can be a huge expense. So, when choosing the right shot blasting machine, we not only have to know a little about these machines, but it is best to consult a reliable shot blasting machine manufacturer. They are the real experts in the performance, function and precautions of the shot blasting machine.

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