Hoist Shot Blasting Machine

Hoist Shot Blasting Machine has an automatic loading and unloading system. Most of the time, we only need to manipulate the hook through the console, and the hook will automatically pick up the metal components that need to be cleaned and transport them to the shot blasting area to complete the cleaning of the metal surface, which is convenient and quick.

Table Shot Blasting Machine

For the metal surface treatment of heavy metals, heavy machinery, mining and other large workpieces, Table Shot Blasting Machine is an excellent choice. The powerful impact force in the shot blasting area can quickly remove the large area of oxide layer that is difficult to handle on the surface of the workpiece.

Shot Blasting Machine For Cold Forging Press

Shot Blasting Machine For Cold Forging Press is specially manufactured for forging metal workpieces and components is suitable for strengthening the surface of various large forgings. Used in conjunction with cold forging presses, it runs smoothly, with high efficiency and low consumables.

Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

Crawler Shot Blasting Machine is more suitable for small and medium-sized workpieces and parts that need to be processed precisely, without worrying about the parts being damaged due to collision during the shot blasting process.

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine mainly solves the defects in the treatment of the concrete surface. It can clean the laitance and magazines on the concrete surface at one time and perform roughening treatment. Make the surface uniform and rough, greatly improving the adhesion strength between the waterproof layer and the concrete base.

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Compared with the traditional drum type shot blasting machine, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine will be safer to operate with a conveyor. Under strong impact, all pollutants on the surface of the workpiece are taken away without leaving traces.

Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

As the name suggests, Pipe Shot Blasting Machine is a shot blasting machine designed for polishing and derusting the interior of pipes. Abrasive particles sprayed by high-pressure air continuously hit the inside of the pipe, thereby achieving the purpose of removing any pollutants inside and on the surface of the pipe.

Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machine is a new type of shot blasting equipment that uses a mesh belt to transport workpieces and send the workpieces into the shot blasting chamber for cleaning. Because of its high working efficiency and stable performance, it’s very popular in the market, and it’s very suitable for surface cleaning of large workpieces, etc.

Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine is a type of generalized crawler shot blasting machine. The difference is that it uses a rubber track to transport workpieces, which is more stable. Allow the surface of the workpiece to be treated evenly without being subject to collision.

Catenary Shot Blasting Machine

Catenary Shot Blasting Machine is the most suitable shot blasting machine for workpieces that need to be cleaned for a long time to remove rust and oxides that are difficult to remove. The working cost is low, the amount of shot blasting is large, high efficiency and energy saving, and the polishing environment is also protected.

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is generally divided into single hook and double hook, and the workpiece is loaded into the shot blasting room alternately through the hook. Use high-pressure air to project abrasives to the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece reaches a certain roughness, making the workpiece beautiful, and at the same time changing the service life of the workpiece.

Drum Shot Blasting Machine

Drum Shot Blasting Machine is suitable for small workpieces that are not afraid of collision. It is an ideal equipment for cleaning residual sand and scale on the surface of workpieces in small heat treatment workshops. Through the high-speed rotating impeller, the abrasive is thrown onto the continuously turning workpiece in the drum to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece.

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Just like its name, Road Shot Blasting Machine is suitable for cleaning the road surface. It mainly solves the defects in the treatment of the concrete surface, and can clean the laitance and impurities on the concrete surface at one time.

In general, the above is just a brief introduction to some common shot blasting machines. For more comprehensive and detailed content about various shot blasting machines, you should consult more professional experts (such as Dingtai) in order to choose a more suitable one for your industry, workshop and workpiece machines.