The road shot blasting machine is a mechanical method to project the shot material on the working surface at a high speed and a certain angle, so that the steel grit impacts the surface of the road surface, roughens the surface of the road surface and removes the residue. At the same time, the negative pressure generated by the dust collector will recycle the pellets and the cleaned impurities and dust. After air cleaning, the intact pellets will be automatically recycled, and the impurities and dust will also fall into the dust collection box.

The road shot blasting equipment is composed of a shot blasting machine motor, an electrical box, a transmission motor, a separator, a distribution box, a shot blasting machine, an air duct, a frame, a lifting caster, a driven caster, etc. In the construction of asphalt pavement, the road shot blasting machine plays a very important role, and it is widely used and the usage is increasing.

So what is the role of the road shot blasting machine for the asphalt pavement?

#01.Where do road shot blasting machines need to be used?

The scope of use of road shot blasting machine:

#02.On the use of asphalt road shot blasting machine

The road shot blasting machine uses steel balls with a diameter of 0.7 to 2 mm to impact the asphalt pavement at high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and uses the impact energy of the steel balls to form small shallow pits of varying depths on the concrete surface, thereby forming a rough surface. The impact force of the steel shot is not too big, and the construction surface is flat and even, which is not only efficient but also dust-free and pollution-free.